Alice Hosmer Preble

(Michigan, 1886)

As with Ella French (Syracuse, 1877) and Louise Putnam (Boston, 1887), no documents in Alice’s own hand are available in the historical archives. However, we know that she was initiated into Beta Chapter (Michigan) and was devoted to her chapter as both a collegiate and alumnae member. She was esteemed as an advisor and a mentor and she was never hesitant to offer her advice or assistance when she was called to do so. She also offered financial support for the chapter. She was involved in some of the earliest extension work for Gamma Phi Beta. When students from what was to become Epsilon Chapter (Northwestern) submitted a petition for consideration, she was one of the inspectors of the potential chapter. She both received the students who had traveled to Ann Arbor for consultation then traveled to their school for an on-site inspection, then installation. While this is the sole record of an actual visit, we know that she was consulted when other extension considerations arose and that she showed a keen sense of the criteria for the assessment of merit schools and their students. On the occasion of her premature death in 1905 in a house fire, members mourned the loss of her influence on both the local and international levels.

Alice Hosmer Preble served as Chairman from 1899-1900.