Ardis McBroom Marek

(Northwestern, 1934)

Wisdom from her article in The Crescent, 1967:

As the value of sororities and fraternities is rediscovered in the crush of numbers entering university life, we must reassess our position. We cannot afford to be obstinate in a changing world, yet changes must be made without compromising our principles and purposes. In earnestly seeking solutions wherein the university and the Sorority can work in harmony for the academic and cultural growth of college women, we have many strengths to offer. These include motivating our gifted members to become responsible leaders, teaching our members the meaning and importance of individual excellence as well as how to work as part of a team toward common goals and ideals and instilling in each member a sense of loyalty that becomes part of her own character and serves her throughout her life in relation to the university, her family and her community…

How do we meet today’s challenges? By selecting members of high purpose, academic promise and the ability to live and work in harmony; by maintaining high standards of conduct and scholastic achievement in our chapter; by instilling a sense of personal responsibility and developing leadership potential…and through the continued service of dedicated alumnae.

Ardis McBroom Marek served as Grand President from 1966-68.