Betty Luker Haverfield

(Missouri-Columbia, 1940)

Wisdom from her Convention report, 1976:

The first two years of Gamma Phi Beta’s second century have truly been exciting and, we on the Grand Council feel, successful ones. We have witnessed a steady growth of the fraternity system everywhere. No longer adopting an attitude of mere toleration, universities and colleges are encouraging and urging more and more groups to join their campuses. Today’s serious college student is seeking the warm interpersonal relationships found in small group living units and is showing an ever-increasing desire to participate in campus and community affairs with close friends. This is a wonderful era in which to be a member of an international sorority.

During these last two years it has been a joy serving as the Grand President. True, there have been some not-so-pleasant moments, but they were far outweighed by the happy times. The correspondence is voluminous, the long distance telephone rings far into the night. But, in order to run a cohesive organization, when the officers are scattered from sea to shining sea, this is the way we must conduct our business. No member of the Grand Council has ever complained about her work loads, the most of these loads are tremendous…

Betty Luker Haverfield served as International President from 1974-78.