Carrie E. Morgan

(Wisconsin-Madison, 1885)

Recollections from The Crescent, 1933:

In 1915, after the California Convention, all officers were from the states of Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota, so we established our Central Office in Chicago. It was not a Central Office in just the way we have one now, as we rented no office, but we held all Council meetings there, which greatly facilitated business, as so much correspondence takes a great deal of time for the accomplishment of one’s purpose…

At the time of the Baltimore Convention our country entered the World War and a little later our Milk Bottle Campaign was launched to provide milk for Belgian babies. A very neat sum was secured for this work by placing milk bottle stands in hotels and theater lobbies. Committees were appointed in all sections of the country where we had chapters to carry on this work and the project not only helped the Belgian children, but gave us a common interest and greatly helped in arousing the interest of alumnae chapters especially.

At the Estes Park Convention the alumnae were organized into districts, with district secretaries for each, and this was a splendid step toward securing the interest of alumnae chapters in the Sorority and in any future work that the organization might undertake as a national project.

Carrie Morgan served as Grand President from 1915-19.