Diane Tjaden Thompson

(Iowa State)

Excerpt from her article in The Crescent, 2014:

In Diane’s first letter in The Crescent as International President she stated: “We must understand current trends and provide programs to deal with them. We must understand the needs of our members and provide programs to accommodate those needs. And who will see that this is done? Who will work to see that Gamma Phi Beta succeeds? Gamma Phi Betas will.”

“Some of my favorite memories during my presidency were from Convention 1994 in Naples, Florida. We had an excellent facilitator that led our Future Visions Workshops where I and other Sorority and Foundation leaders developed our vision for the Sorority’s future. It was from this workshop that our first mission and vision statements were born, in addition to a set of five-year goals,” Diane says.

Diane Tjaden Thompson served as International President from 1992-96.