Elizabeth Davidson Barbour

(Northwestern, 1909)

Wisdom from her article in The Crescent, 1927:

The installation of a budget system for the handling of our finances is of vital importance. It is the accepted, modern business method and we are pledged to its use as quickly as it can be created…Education, the recognized foundation of our social existence, points an unwavering finger toward the all-important need of developing our scholarship…

Proper publicity or correct advertising is another of my pet hobbies. May we always remember to mention the name of our Sorority when discussing our attainments. Gamma Phi measures her cultural development by the achievements of her members, by the individual honors and distinctions bestowed upon them. Let us, therefore, broadcast them to the world…Our physical growth is accomplished through intelligent expansion and it is hoped that several new chapters may be added to our roll in the near future…For our Sorority, we desire on our march of progress a strict adherence to the ideals of our beloved Founders, no shattering of honored traditions, no selfishness of viewpoint, but rather, an intelligent interpretation of our present day needs, a saving sense of humor and the assurance of love and perfect understanding.

Elizabeth Davidson Barbour served as Grand President from 1928-32.