Elizabeth Putnam Clarke

(Boston, 1894)

Recollections from The Crescent, 1933:

Gamma Phi was only thirty years old with a chapter roll of eleven collegiate and six alumnae chapters – though there were several more alumnae associations. When these years on the executive board are recalled, I find that time has not effaced the memory of Convention with Kappa Chapter (Minnesota-Twin Cities). A modern word comes to my mind to describe the impression that Kappa Chapter made upon me, and the impression still lingers – sophisticated. Hardly more than a baby, Kappa Chapter managed a splendid Convention, and in those days, Conventions were managed wholly by entertaining chapters.

The development of Panhellenic relations was an important phase of Sorority policy. During its infancy, different interpretations were bound to crop up in the local chapters. Some of these varying interpretations became acute and necessitated hurried night journeys of our nearest alumnae delegate to the chapter in difficulties. But Gamma Phi Beta had committed herself to the national Panhellenic policy and our chapters had to conform. The continuous loyalty that Gamma Phi sisters have always given and the devoted loving service have all helped to make our Sorority today something at which each past President can gaze and say, ‘I’m satisfied!’

Elizabeth Putnam Clarke served as Grand President from 1904-05.