Emma Lowd

(Boston, 1887)

Recollections from The Crescent, 1933:

Organization and administration were very simple in these early years. At the time there were only three officers…All inter-Convention business was conducted by correspondence through the President and the secretary, and we were very busy…

Chapter instituting was simple. After the unanimous vote was obtained, Alpha Chapter (Syracuse) issued the charter and the necessary materials; the President signed the charter and the nearest chapter performed the work of installation. Conventions were held in November as near to the 11th as could be arranged by the entertaining chapter. The Convention of 1902 marked the first year in which the Sorority paid the expenses of the Grand President to Convention. Only the mere travelling expenses were paid, a sum at the time amounting to no less than $150 to Berkeley and return to New York. The President did not preside at Convention and had no vote. She had a ‘voice’ and a seat.

Emma Lowd served as Grand President from 1901-02.