Evelyn Gooding Dippell

(Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1933)

Wisdom from her article in The Crescent, 1951:

The theme of our Province Conferences this year is Loyalties. It seems appropriate to me at this time for all of us to reexamine this simple word and to decide for ourselves what it may mean to us…Loyalty to country – yes, of course, we all recognize this as of paramount importance. We must be loyal to the true democratic spirit – that spirit which recognizes the right of the individual to make his own decisions, to choose his own friends, his own living group…Loyalty to school – yes, this, too, is important, for loyalty to school connotes acceptance of its aims, standards and ideals. Such acceptance implies a rapport with one’s situation – a sense of well-being…Loyalty to one’s friends – to one’s social group, the sorority or fraternity. The decision to accept the responsibility of fraternity membership should not be made lightly, but only after careful study has convinced the individual that mutual benefit may be derived from such an alliance…Only a real knowledge and understanding of Gamma Phi Beta can promote true and lasting loyalty. Gamma Phi Beta is a growing, living – thus ever-changing – society. We all must continue to study – not only to keep our loyalty alive, but to make our ideals practical and workable.

Evelyn Gooding Dippell served as Grand President from 1950-54.