Grace Howard Smith

(Syracuse, 1896)

Recollections from The Crescent, 1933:

Gamma Phi Beta’s 50th anniversary was celebrated by a Convention at the Lake Placid Club in June, 1924. This was indeed a Golden Anniversary and at its close I found myself with the honor and responsibility of the Presidency. The first duty of the Council was to carry out the changes voted by the Convention. One of these concerned the establishment of a Central Office and this forced a careful consideration of the financial condition of the Sorority. Finally the establishment of a Central Office in Baltimore was possible. During the winter of 1924-25, it became increasingly evident that the first duty of the Sorority was to manage its affairs in such a way that it would become financially solvent. To do this it was necessary to avoid all expenditures that were not absolutely essential to the carrying on of the Sorority, so the Council’s energies were largely spent in trying to make one dollar do the work of several…

During the years of 1924-26, the project for dividing the Sorority into Provinces was planned and execution was started…May I add that, as the years go on, my faith in the worthwhileness of sisterhood in such a circle as ours continues to grow and my devotion to its purposes becomes more fixed.

Grace Howard Smith served as Grand President from 1924-26.