Honta Smalley Bredin

(Michigan, 1885)

Recollections in The Crescent, 1933:

Early in the nineties, shortly after Epsilon Chapter (Northwestern) was initiated, we found that many business matters and many problems came up for consideration between yearly Conventions and must be attended to by letters to the chapters. Replies were not always prompt and there was confusion and often loss of opportunity. At this time we had small groups of alumnae in Chicago and Boston as well as a much larger one in Syracuse. After a great deal of correspondence, we determined to ask Convention to appoint an Executive Committee of three members who should have power to pass on certain questions between Conventions and to make recommendations to Convention. This seemed a good way out of our slow and burdensome method and the Committee was appointed…I can’t remember just how many years we held office nor what changes came in the members of the Committee, but the plan worked well and as the number of chapters increased the work took more and more time, and so the general idea of a central Board was developed. Before this, the president of the chapter where Convention was held presided over Convention. Soon, however, the Chairman of the Executive board was asked to take the chair…

Honta Smalley Bredin served as Chairman from 1896-97.