Karen Wander Kline

(Iowa State)

Excerpt from her article in The Crescent, 2014:

“At the 1978 Convention in Nashville, I gave what members referred to as a ‘unique Grand President’s message.’ I used a slide machine to give my presentation, and that was the first time something like that had been done at Convention…”

At the end of this historic speech, Karen concluded, “What is Gamma Phi Beta? It’s more than a sorority, it’s an opportunity.” That clever phrase became the Sorority’s slogan for the next several years and was used in extension and public relations materials as the organization worked to provide more development and leadership opportunities than ever before.

At that same Convention, Karen welcomed a renowned male psychologist, Bill Meyer, to conduct five intensive leadership sessions for Conventioneers – another programming first for the Sorority. Bill went on to assist Karen and her Grand Council in 1979 with long-range planning and helped Council identify the Sorority’s long-term goals as: ritual, education, social development and personal development.

Karen Wander Kline served as Grand President from 1978-82.