Lindsey Barbee

(Denver, 1897)

Recollections from The Crescent, 1933:

In 1919, the Endowment Fund was a sum of $800 and it became the obsession of the council to raise it to $50,000 by 1924 – the 50th anniversary of Gamma Phi’s founding. Accordingly, a constitutional measure which claimed a certain amount of every Initiation fee was passed; a campaign for subscriptions was inaugurated and followed; chapters were urged to consider the Fund as a goal for their money-making activities and finally, the insurance plan was adopted. And it came about in this way. The President was asked by an insurance agent if she knew of any organization where a chapter house was the objective point and insurance could be the means to an end. She didn’t, but quickly came the idea – why not this plan for the Endowment Fund? And, as a result, we had more than our $50,000 by June of 1924.

Again – the matter of social service claimed our attention, a social service apart from the Fellowship, and the President’s idea for child welfare – a summer camp for underprivileged children – was supported by the Council…

From Alpha Alpha Chapter (Toronto) to Alpha Zeta Chapter (Texas-Austin), it was my privilege to sign charters and the affairs of these chapters are always a matter of keen personal interest…

Lindsey Barbee served as Grand President from 1919-24.