Louise Putnam

(Boston, 1887)

No letters nor other historical documents of Louise Putnam are available in the Gamma Phi Beta archives. However, as with Ella French, some reminisces from other members of Gamma Phi Beta are available. Putnam was initiated as a charter member into Delta Chapter (Boston). While she was a student, she was elected Convention president and she chaired the 1887 Convention in Boston at which Delta Chapter hosted. We know from the minutes of Convention that she hosted a Delta Chapter reunion at her home earlier in the summer and from the minutes of later Conventions that she maintained a steadfast interest in the affairs of Delta Chapter – and other chapters as well. While there is no record that she ever conducted the inspection of a local chapter that had submitted a petition for expansion, we know that visitors often consulted her for her impressions of the schools, the levels of academic excellence of the students and other factors that affected the award of a charter. She was a member of the first Executive Committee, then its second Chairman – also known as President. She continued to attend Conventions and serve on committees for more than two decades after the end of her term.

Louise Putnam served as Chairman from 1895-96.