Millicent Lees Hoffman

(Minnesota-Twin Cities, 1906)

Wisdom from her Convention address, 1934

Throughout the country, sororities and fraternities are undergoing a wave of severe criticism. How are we going to meet it? We cannot counteract it by calmly sitting back. WE are going to have to prove to the outside world our worthwhileness. This can be done in many ways, a few of which I will mention. Scholarship – sorority women are supposed to be a selected group. How can they be judged that way if the scholarship is not above the university average? Leadership – not only in their own group but in all college activities and co-operating to the best of our abilities with faculties. Philanthropic work among those less fortunate than ourselves. This need not always be a matter of giving money. Oftentimes a little friendship will help someone over a hard place which will mean more than money and will help remove the criticism that we are too self-centered…

In the course of attending Province Conferences and installations I have had the privilege of visiting practically all of our chapters and because of this privilege I am more proud than ever to wear the badge I wear. The time I have given to this work has been more than repaid by the friendships and contacts that I have made. May I wish for Gamma Phi all the success she deserves.

Millicent Lees Hoffman served as Grand President from 1932-36.