Minnie Curtis Dinsmore

(Syracuse, 1879)

Recollections from The Crescent, 1933:

It is probably well known that in the early days the election was for three years, progressing from treasurer to corresponding secretary, then to Grand President. When I recall my experience as treasurer, I can fully sympathize with the government in its present difficulties in trying to balance its budget. In our case, however, it was not on account of the size of our budget but because of the size of our bank account whose dimensions would astonish any possible reader. Still, our achievements have proved that ‘great oaks from little acorns grow’ and it was with a feeling of great satisfaction that with strict adherence to the provisions of our Constitution, the treasurer’s books were not balanced in the red. As past Grand President, I have many pleasant memories. Some rather serious problems were under consideration, but staunch loyalty to the ideals of our Sorority prevailed and my career as executive closed with the Banquet held at Hotel Astor in New York City on November 11, 1904. When I think of our four Founders, whom it was my privilege to know and when I think of Alpha Chapter (Syracuse) in 1879, I sometimes wonder with our broad expansion, a membership in Gamma Phi Beta is taken quite so seriously.

Minnie Curtis Dinsmore served as Grand President from 1903-04.