Orra Spencer Reid

(Michigan, 1926)

Wisdom from her article in The Crescent, 1965:

What will be required to make this a truly dynamic decade? A dynamo in itself is not a powerful machine, but it is capable of creating great power. Two essential parts of a dynamo are the stator and the rotor. The stator – as its name indicates – does not move; it stands fast as do the basic principles upon which Gamma Phi Beta is founded: our standards of conduct, of academic striving and achievement, of close friendships which help us develop. The rotor is also a most essential part of the dynamo – the moving part, the life and vigor which creates power and good and without which the stator would be useless. The coordination of these parts of a dynamo is necessary for it to be effective, and in like fashion, the coordination of all that is fine and good in our background and history, all that is constant and unchanging, must be placed in its proper relation to the moving parts which provide the impetus for growth and progress. Each member – collegiate and alumna – has her part in the rotor, as well as her part in the very important stator – our past and present are closely interrelated, dependent upon each other. What part will you play to make this a truly Dynamic Decade ahead?

Orra Spencer Reid served as Grand President from 1964-66.