Penelope Murdoch Simonson

(California-Berkeley, 1909)

Wisdom from her article in The Crescent, 1947:

Over a long period of years Sorority housing has been an absorbing job for hundreds of volunteer workers in Panhellenic groups. Their success in solving the various problems connected with renting, renovating, furnishing and building is evidenced by the substantial campus homes now occupied by their members. That this is recognized and appreciated by college authorities was proved not long ago when a large university asked a group of sorority officers to contribute ideas for a new dormitory from their housing experience. But housing alone is not enough. A house is not a home unless the group it shelters lives in a happy, orderly and congenial atmosphere. In spite of overcrowding, this is where sororities must continue leadership. We must continue to contribute to the development of the best qualities of the individual member. The mechanics of accomplishing this goal without regimentation have been established by our organization and that of others for many year. It still calls for the best efforts of our devoted alumnae and the cooperation of each member. It is encouraging and a source of great satisfaction to know that our own members – in and out of college – are generously giving time and unstinted effort…

Penelope Murdoch Simonson served as Grand President from 1946-50.