Vicki Carlson Read


Excerpt from her article in The Crescent, 2014:

“Dream Big. Shape Destiny.” was the theme of Convention 2000 in Houston – the same Convention Vicki Carlson Read was elected International President. “I refer to my time serving as International President as a kaleidoscope of change,” Vicki says.

“At our first International Council meeting, we prioritized the six priority areas identified in the original strategic planning process. These six areas were: image, leadership, development, technology and communication, membership, structure and finance – finance ranked highest with leadership and image close behind.”

“Our strategic planning provided a clear direction for our efforts and a rationale for the commitment of our resources. We were energized and working toward meeting our goals. We posted quarterly updates to the Gamma Phi Beta website so members could review our accomplishments as we moved ahead strategically,” Vicki recalls.

Vicki Carlson Read served as International President from 2000-04.